Guardian Beacons


Location of all the known Guardian Beacons, taken from the Canonn website.

Id System Planet Guardian Structure Id Structure System Structure Body Discovered By
GB1 Synuefe IL-N c23-15 2 A GS102 SYNUEFE IL-N C23-19 B 2 joulupunikki
GB2 Synuefe OF-E b45-4 1 B GS78 SYNUEFE AH-J D10-103 B 1 Crimshadow
GB3 Synuefe QA-E b45-4 3 GS78 SYNUEFE AH-J D10-103 B 1 Crimshadow
GB4 Synuefe HP-E b45-4 4 GS99 SYNUEFE HE-G B44-5 B 2 Factabulous
GB5 IC 2391 Sector MX-T b3-6 A 1 GS97 IC 2391 SECTOR FL-X B1-7 A 3 Lex Fernetti
GB6 Synuefe GJ-G b44-9 3 C GS85 SYNUEFE ED-I B43-8 A 2 GURU-951
GB7 NGC 2451A Sector LX-U d2-25 3 GS100 NGC 2451A SECTOR VJ-R C4-22 A 1 Crimshadow
GB8 Synuefe ZG-J d10-49 2 A GS76 SYNUEFE AH-J D10-20 A 3 xNicoyax
GB9 Synuefe RL-C b46-6 3 GS77 SYNUEFE EN-H D11-96 7 A SPIDD
GB10 Synuefe CS-H d11-121 3 GS81 SYNUEFE ZG-J D10-79 B 1 GURU-951
GB11 IC 2391 Sector HG-X b1-7 4 GS95 SYNUEFE NB-B B47-10 B 2 GURU-951
GB12 Synuefe KU-F b44-4 4 GS101 SYNUEFE EU-Q C21-15 A 1 Steve Arthur
GB13 NGC 2451A Sector TO-R c4-3 3 GS105 NGC 2451A SECTOR TO-R C4-10 B 1 Steve Arthur
GB14 NGC 2451A Sector RT-R c4-19 2 GS92 SYNUEFE BE-R C21-35 E 2 Steve Arthur
GB15 Synuefe BO-G b44-6 1 A GS84 SYNUEFE JP-E B45-4 C 1 GURU-951
GB16 Synuefe FU-E b45-5 A 3 GS92 SYNUEFE BE-R C21-35 E 2 GURU-951
GB17 Synuefe HL-N c23-4 D 3 GS93 SYNUEFE HP-E B45-8 D 3 Steve Arthur
GB18 Synuefe IT-F d12-5 A 2 GS87 SYNUEFE EN-H D11-28 8 B Nivell
GB19 Synuefe DK-D b46-12 2 GS79 SYNUEFE GQ-N C23-21 B 3 GURU-951
GB20 Synuefe JZ-F b44-8 8 GS89 SYNUEFE KZ-F B44-5 A 1 Chiggi
GB21 Synuefe FF-P c22-35 4 A GS83 SYNUEFE IE-G B44-2 A 4 Chiggi
GB22 Synuefe HA-P c22-22 2 GS94 SYNUEFE AH-J D10-46 C 1 Chiggi
GB23 IC 2391 Sector FG-X b1-9 8 GS96 IC 2391 SECTOR HG-X B1-8 C 2 ClusterNuke63
GB24 Synuefe WL-J d10-113 3 GS98 SYNUEFE DJ-G B44-3 A 5 Chiggi
GB25 Synuefe RA-E b45-5 2 GS86 SYNUEFE NU-F B44-5 B 1 ClusterNuke63
GB26 Synuefe DK-P c22-35 3 GS80 SYNUEFE EN-H D11-29 6 B Nivell
GB27 Synuefe IJ-G b44-5 3 GS88 SYNUEFE DZ-Q C21-14 10 A Chiggi
GB28 HIP 36823 1 GS121 HIP 36781 A 6 B ClusterNuke63

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